dartable usermanual-es translation progress

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Finally 50% ! a month ago when i started with this translation I though I wouldn’t finish on time, however, being at 50% I can start to see the light at the end of the of the way. This time I wanted to drop some statistics about the work on the darktable usermanual translation to spanish in case...Read More

How to translate a subtitle with Gnome-Subtitles

I have download subtitles for about 8 years, and several times I had to wait to get the spanish translation since it took longer. However, since a couple of weeks, I have decided to take a step ahead and start translating those subtitles for the shows I like to see, and that usually take a...Read More

Poedit and the art of translation

As some know, in the past mnths I’ve been away from the internet due to location (still can’t set internet at the house) I took the work to make the translation of darktable, the application is already fully translated. However, during the past month, after the Darktable team did an exhaustive review of the User...Read More
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