Isometric Icons with Inkscape (Podcast and Icons Pack!)

Have you wonder how those icons with perspective are made? Here is the answer!!! Axonometric Perspective simulates volume using height, width and depth. Like any perspective, we have different practical representations that will mostly be defined by the Three–dimensional element that we will draw on our 2D plane. Even if there are different types of Axonometric perspective, I will...Read More

Standard web banner size (Updated!)

A while ago, I did an svg with the standard size for web banners. Even if that article is quite complete, with the years, some new banners sizes has been added (not too many, but is worth to remember). Since I know it’s a valuable resource, I leave it here again. All sizes are in...Read More

Opencliparts: Tags, ribbons, rabbits and a clock!

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To continue with the contributions, I’m posting some new svg cliparts that I hope can be useful for any work you need to do. This time I’m publishing the tags I used for the licences poster, along with a couple of magician rabbits and a clock that I had forgotten somewhere in a mysterious folder....Read More

De vuelta al equipo de Diseño

Los últimos meses han sido un poco complicados, por lo que no pude colaborar tanto como me gustaría. Es por eso que me he abocado a ayudar en remuneración a ese tiempo que descuidé proyectos y personas, e intentar enviar un mensaje: “si consideras que hay que cambiar las cosas para que todo vaya mejor,...Read More
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