Building a better FUDcon experience

FUDcon has always been a way to interact with other, to meet those contributors that were your coworkers for the past year (and in many cases, for longer periods). As the time goes by, Fedora has experienced a series of changes that sometimes are way to fast to keep track, specially since most of the contributors have...Read More

FUDCon Córdoba 2015

FUDCon Córdoba was one of those events that remind us why we do what we do. A conference full of friendship, that between its intimacy, allowed us to share ideas, projects and experiences. Full with good vibes and energy, with incredible people that showed to be experts in what they do and teach us, with thousands of...Read More

II OpenSource tools Workshop at Córdoba

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During my stay at Argentina for FUDcon, I will be participating at the II OpenSource tools workshop, talking a bit about Graphic Tools. We will use Gimp, Inkscape and Darktable, so the attendees can see how they work on a professional environment, and those who know me already know this will be something fun… Day/Time: monday,...Read More

Convert ogv to animated gif with ffmpeg

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To make the previous article and create the animated gif, instead of just using a single image or make a video, I used a combination between recordmydesktop, ffmpeg and GIMP.[cq_vc_separator title=”1″ bgcolor=”#45c9e0″ fontcolor=”#ffffff” bordercolor=”#ffffff” centerbordercolor=”#ffffff” fontsize=”3em”]First we have to make our recording, and to do this, we can use any app such as recordmydesktop, Istambul, Xvidcap or any you like. In...Read More

Symmetrical mirror painting with Mypaint

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I’ve never been good at freehand draw, and create images 100% symmetrical is definitely a challenge for me. Reading a bit about the features of the available apps, started playing with the mirror filter that MyPaint has. When you activate this filter, everything you draw on your canvas will be copied automatically at the opposite side, and...Read More
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