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I cannot express the happiness of having a team of so wonderful people, who despite the timing (12h difference) managed to help me being informed about everything that happened surrounding the Diversity efforts we are building towards Fedora at Flock. Endless IRC and Telegram chats have made it possible. So here are my list of thoughts, tasks and inputs about what we accomplished at Flock Krakow:It has stricken me with surprise the high amount of cases that my Diversity team got their hands on during Flock. We have people who, despite being fantastic to the project, need a bit of guidance on how to treat their mates with more respect. It’s time to educate people on how to have a more friendly and welcoming environment, without criticize those who are either new, or just don’t have that much free time to contribute.

From my personal research, over 80% of those who are facing troubles into finding Fedora a healthy environment don’t want to speak out loud, nor say their names, and almost 2/3 of them doesn’t even want to report their cases since they believe it’s not relevant. IT IS RELEVANT.

Earlier this year I got the idea that we need a Diversity Inbox and Amita just reinforce that idea after speak with folks at Flock, so people could feel confident enough into speaking to us without having to share their names. We have seen cases in other communities where just by speaking out loud has bring to them even more bullying and harassment, and making a small problem bigger is not our aim.

This Inbox should be able to record personal information or allow anonymous inputs as well logs or proofs of the issue, so we can study it and find the best posible solution. Can you help us? Please, contact me ASAP so we can put this Diversity Inbox out there!We had a fantastic kickstart program with the FWD hosted last month, and even if we started small, we did it with lots of energy. I was part of a Design-spring held online Peru and joined efforts with the local WordPress meetups at my town, Amita hosted a great FWD at India, Jona also did a fantastic job with her female group at Albania and Christos joined us as well with a great FWD at Greece. The attendance was fantastic, better than expected!

As we start to learn more from our contributors we are able to create programs to help each minority group. FWD proved to be a great initiative but we want more, but we need a key factor, contributors. Despite that we try hard to understand each minority, the experiences of those who are different are the things we need in order to learn, but also to provide a better understanding of each particular contributor to our project. Our idea is to not only host anual gatherings for each minority, but also to held as many online meetings as we can to also teach others that our borders don’t exists. Are you interested into hosting one of these meetings?

Our aim is to host at least one meeting each month where we can not only learn how to build a better Fedora community, but also, to expand the knowledge we have about each member of our community.One of the first ideas we had for Diversity was the (infamous) survey to help us understand how the community is build. Even if we have a ton of names in our FAS, we know little about each one of our contributors. It’s imperative to keep pushing this idea and make it into reality.

You can see the current status of our Survey by checking the bottom of our Diversity logs from Krakow on this pad.

Each year we have stats about how many tickets were answered, how many new ambassadors do we have and how many badges were granted; but we do need some stats about how our inclusion efforts have succeed.
With a yearly report that we can use to compare and learn from, we will be able to see if our efforts into making a more welcoming community, into dealing with bullying and harassment cases and others, have improved.

We want to hear your ideas! Don’t be shy !

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  • 10 August, 2016 at 5:44

    Estaba leyendo lo que dices de que hay muchos nombres en FAS pero se conoce poco de cada uno (en su mayoría). Creo que mucha gente teme dar mayores detalles de ciertos puntos sensibles como pa’is en el que viven, etnia o genero porque piensan que esa información les va a ir en contra. Creo que la clave está en cómo hacer que esas personas sientan confianza en la comunidad como para dar datos sin pensar “They will leave me aside or they won’t give me a job if I say who really I’m”.
    Bueno, es lo que pienso al menos.


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