FlocktoFedora learnings for Diversity

I cannot express the happiness of having a team of so wonderful people, who despite the timing (12h difference) managed to help me being informed about everything that happened surrounding the Diversity efforts we are building towards Fedora at Flock. Endless IRC and Telegram chats have made it possible. So here are my list of...Read More

What motivate us

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Motivation is one factor that *can* encourage people to accept and fulfill challenges, even if they don’t think they can do it. Being part of a community like Fedora, where everyone is so different but everyone is working for towards common goal gives you an awesome opportunity to closely watch how motivation works for each...Read More

¿Recuerdas a las personas que te han inspirado? yo las conocí en el #fudcon Tempe

La semana pasada tuve la oportunidad de asistir al FUDcon Tempe en arizona / USA (un país que nunca había visitado con un idioma que apenas escribo). Para mi, creo que fue el mejor evento al que he asistido por muchas razones que les contaré en esta pequeña historia (si, será un artículo enorme con...Read More
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