How to create a Reservations Form to your WordPress

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[cq_vc_imagewitharrow image=”5179″ isresize=”no” openimageas=”none” captionalign=”right” textcolor=”#303030″ twidth=”60%” iwidth=”40%” theight=”35%” iheight=”65%” arrowtop=”50%” arrowleft=”45%” arrowsize=”large” textbg=”#ffffff” fontsize1=”18px” extra_class=”contenedor”]One of the things that can’t miss on a services web is a contact form, however, if the service depends on the availability of the person who is being hired then the contact form must transform into a reservations form...Read More

How to build Online presentations: Services review

Haven’t you been wanting to use an easy online tool to create some awesome presentations? Woudln’t be cool to share an interactive-online talk with some friends? Those were some of the questions I made myself and after a quick search (and a friend’s recommendation) I came across with Slidifier and Slides. Slidifier is a tool...Read More
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