LGM 2019 – Knowledge and Design at Saarbrucken, Germany

OpenSource is the kind of projects that can actually change someone’s life. We use it in pretty much everything without knowing, cause technologies advance faster than ever, and better at single second. However, we kind forget that software, apps and all of that is made by humans and not machines. Having the opportunity again to...Read More


When you collect pictures through years, it’s weird to come back and check those photos with more than 2 years old, however, when your hdd space start to be an issue, it’s time to go back and take a look to those old folders and see what you can delete without compromising your memories. I’m...Read More

Selfie Ultimate Guide: Does and Don’ts

There is something I can assure you with today’s podcast… you will laugh. As a photographer, i understand that everyone wants to have a nice picture of themselves online, however, that doesn’t mean that you have to become on a selfie-addict just to seek for attention. If you see this tutorial, make sure to use...Read More
Tap Workshop

Workshop Guatemala Japan-Fashion 2013

This workshop will be a special day where photographers (professionals and new ones) will be able to practice and learn techniques to work with models, day light and reflectors, and why not, renew their portfolios. The workshop includes the Zoo entrance and a light box-lunch, and also includes the model that will join us during...Read More

Fedora Bokeh Test wallpapers!!! (and I need help)

Hello pandas! So, as many of you know I have been trying to make something with a Fedora themed bokeh, I don’t know if this technique will be good for a wallpaper but I guess at least would work for a supplemental one. The idea that started everything was this one And here are...Read More
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