Como hacer el Registro Unico de Migrantes Venezolanos en MigracionColombia

El registro Unico de Migrantes Venezolanos es el nuevo mecanismo de regularización que Migración Colombia ha puesto a disposición de los ciudadanos que por cualquier motivo han tenido que permanecer de forma regular o no en Colombia, y busca solventar el estatus migratorio de al menos 2 millones de Venezolanos. Aunque procuro nunca tocar temas...Read More

Libreplanet 2021: Libre designers do exist (and survive)

A 45min talk exploring what is to be to find jobs as graphic designer using only free software, and a deeper talk on how to change things. Final words for posterity:Do not sacrifice what you believe in for what others expect from you. Never. Is not worth it. If you believe you’re good enough and...Read More

Canva Vs. Inkscape

I’ve been trying Canva since a few months ago, and truth is, it has blown my mind. HEY, I still LOVE inkscape, but when I started giving workshops to people who wanted to improve their social networks, reality was that my students were not experts on design, and tools like this became my allies. I’ve...Read More

Fedora: Flock Budapest 2019

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It has been so long since I went to my last Fedora conference that to be honest, I was overwhelm. Having so many friends around who actually understand my love for open source and communities, was something that I needed. After 4 countries, I finally arrived to this lovely city that mesmerize me in every...Read More
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