Understanding and mixing colors


We all know that color matching is a science, a complicated one, based on eveyrone personal tastes, however, there are some theoretical tools that can help you to choose a color scheme a little more accepted by the general public and, depending on what we are doing, provide a specific sense (or more acurated) to what we want to represent with our graphics/pictures.

This graph I got it by chance today and found it quite interesting, mostly because it explains the feelings that can generate certain color combinations for different cultures. (I know it’s a bit complicated at first and may seem incomprehensible, but if we detail colors from different commercials in our environment we will realize how acurated this graphic can be).

Also, I guess you will find helpful the following tools to create color palettes. Anyway, the idea is to get a base color(s) and generate from there our color palette. Hope you find them useful!

colorrotate kuler
colorschemedesigner colorexplorer

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  • 29 October, 2012 at 21:33

    ¿Y esto aplica tambien al diseñar paginas web? Digo porque a veces por la empresa o cuestiones de diseño, el color es específico y no se puede cambiar por nada de nada. Entonces si dice que afecta culturalmente puede que a ciertos grupos no les guste

    Espero solo sean dudas mias, pero acepto regaños si acaso me equivoco XD

    • 30 October, 2012 at 9:15

      Para eso están las herramientas de abajo, para crear paletas de colores en base a un color base. El tema cultural de los colores es más un estudio, el gráfico lleva su tiempo comprenderlo, sin embargo, depende de la combinación, por ello, es que hay que aprender a usar paletas de colores.


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