Have you wonder what makes Inkscape different from GIMP? One of the main reasons why Inkscape is more used to create publicity is because it treats each element as an individual layer. This allows you to elaborate a main artwork and simply reorganize the elements that are part of it into a new design so you can forget about the eraser or complicated edits. At Gimp, if you draw several figures and you don’t place each one on a new layer, when you try to separate them, you won’t be able to since all the components we did are part of a single layer, however, if we do the same figures at Inkscape, difference is that we can separate them  [ Read More ]

One of the biggest challenges when we make a website or a publicity (or anything) is to find awesome photos at a good cost (or free, depending), and is not that it’s bad to pay for a photograph, but sometimes the client is either small or our budget is low. There are thousands of online services that provide high quality photographs for a monthly price, package or photo, however, there is a world of websites that offer pics for free under a super friendly licence. Lets see some of my favorites: Death to Stock Photo is a service where you subscribe through their website, and they sent you 10 photographs every months usually themed by the month holiday or something related,  [ Read More ]

Have you wonder how do I make my Instagram videos? Work with Kdenlive is quite easy, and one of the things I like the most is that you can drag any video, image or audio and it will automatically load to the app.  Build a video with Kdenlive is like organize a puzzle, you just need to drag the pieces that you already loaded and arrange them. You can separate tracks, cut them, add effects and much more. Step by step I will explain how to work with Kdenlive, but first, I wanted to show you the features of this app and make you fall in love with it as I have done. Once our video is exported as mp4, we load it  [ Read More ]

Have you wonder how to add a simple Slider to your WordPress? The easiest way is to add a widget area and include the Weptile Image Slider Widget Plugin. This is a responsive, easy, lightweight image slider widget that you can also include on any page, sidebar or post. It’s not only easy to add images to it, but arranging them is just a drag-drop move, and images, since they are part of the media gallery, can have their independent links, and to change the images position on the slider, you just need to drag them to the place you want. You can configure the entire slide through the widget, and it includes 16 widget settings plus 16 animation options and  [ Read More ]

With pleasure, let me tell you that this blog has been nominated to “Best OpenSource Blog” by the PortalProgramas people. The simple fact of being nominated next to the biggest news websites makes me feel incredible and it’s a reason to keep motivated and bring you more articles, tutorials and podcast… so, thank you! Today (September 22, 2014) starts the votes for the 6th edition of the Portal Programas prizes to the best OpenSource 2014 and will be open till October 11. Anyone can vote and it doesn’t require to log in, just to confirm your vote through mail. As the website says: And they make a small description of what my blog talks about (much better of the failed attempts of describe my  [ Read More ]