There is something I can assure you with today’s podcast… you will laugh. As a photographer, i understand that everyone wants to have a nice picture of themselves online, however, that doesn’t mean that you have to become on a selfie-addict just to seek for attention. If you see this tutorial, make sure to use the hashtag #SmartSelfie and drop me a twit ;) This time I have a short podcast that will not only help you to determine what you should NOT do when you take a selfie, but will explain also a couple of tricks to use your phone better and get a nicer selfie. Plus what I explain at the podcast, here is a short list of  [ Read More ]

I don’t know you folks, but this is a movie i have been waiting for since ’98 (Yeah, I started with Hot Pursuit) and since years went by, I started loosing hopes that they took this amazing game to the big screen… well, seems they listen. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) plays Tobey Marshall who is a mechanic about to loose his repair shop and starts racing to keep it open; after a twist on the plot (quite evident one) the kid ends up in jail, and when he’s released under probation, he starts a race to prove his innocence. It’s quite similar to Eddie’s story at NFS:Underground, so if you already played those games, you already saw part of the plot.  [ Read More ]

I know today is podcast day, however, it was quite a busy week and even if I don bring you a podcast, (you may consider that the week tutorial was the stabilize a video with transcode) I’m not gonna let you without a video, but a very special one. I have been working as a designer using only OpenSource tools since 2005 and many people always question the fact that I use non commercial tools, some are quite curious, while others rather to hire someone who use the Adobe Suite. Anyway, what matters is to have a variety. This weekend, instead of being recording my podcast as usual, I was photographing the wedding of Juan and Nancy, I was able to  [ Read More ]

And to post a photo every now and then, this is a picture of the gorgeous ceiling and chandelier that was at the church where the wedding I was photographing this weekend was held. The church is called Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro, so if you happen to visit this part of my country, Venezuela, don’t forget to visit it. And to post a photo every now and then, this is a picture of the gorgeous ceiling and chandelier that was at the church where the wedding I was photographing…

Having a camera that record videos was something I always wanted, however, I don’t have a stabilizer, so even if I have an awesome quality, my pulse movement isn’t helpful. That’s why I decided to take a look and see what options do I have in Linux and found Vid-Stab, which allows me to stabilize the image. vid-stab is a plugin for transcode, so first thing your need to do is to install it: Now, you only need to download the plugin, uncompress it and install it: (Check the latest version at: ) And that’s it, now it’s time to stabilize our video. First step is to generate a trf file where the info about the video frame will be stored and then  [ Read More ]