Video editing has become a daily activity for those who do it professionally and for those who just consider it a hobby. How many of us haven’t wanted to improve a video lightning or simply cut it and merge it again? There are many things we can do when we talk about video edit. The good thing about working with OpenSource is that variety will always be there. Here are some of the most used apps for video editing: Kdenlive: Means KDE Non-Linear Video Editor, is a non-linear editor quite comfortable, and probably the first choice for many people. Despite its simplicity, it allows you a complete manipulation of your video without lag or crash. This is the one I always use for my  [ Read More ]

And now, to keep with recommended “late night” games, today I want to share Letris 3, a game that uses the Falling Bricks mode from Tetris and the creation of new words from Scrabble. Is one of those games where, if you don’t buy a life, you will have to wait 20 min to get a new one, however, so far has worth the wait. It’s available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan) and the fun part is that, if you speak two languages, you can select a main language and a secondary one, so you can create words in both languages (which should give you more options). It has an Online mode with approx. 300 free levels, and also has  [ Read More ]

I had many doubts about writing about this movie… honestly i like to write about GOOD stuff, but this was the movie i saw this week, so this will be… This new movie with Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network and Zombieland) tells the story of a boring boy who works at a boring governmental office, and everything starts to change when another boy arrives; which looks exactly like him, but is more charismatic, confident and sexy with the ladies. Spoilers alert…This were the worst 93 min of my week… what kind of movie is this? This is the most boring movie I have seen in the past 5 years. First, you have no idea what they do at this office, or why is he practically  [ Read More ]

Even if I keep my blog in dual language (Spanish and English) and even if sometimes my videos are in english; I always try to provide an additional spanish resource (either a double audio or a subtitle) since I believe that there is a lot of people out there with an incredible potential, who doesn’t speak a second language. I’m a believer that, even if we know that there is a larger amount of english content due the massification of this language; we should always support our local language.And that’s why, even if I could just simple write and record in English, i always keep my blog in both languages, I also like to contribute translating different apps and sometimes,  [ Read More ]

Have you wonder how those icons with perspective are made? Here is the answer!!! Axonometric Perspective simulates volume using height, width and depth. Like any perspective, we have different practical representations that will mostly be defined by the Three-dimensional element that we will draw on our 2D plane. Even if there are different types of Axonometric perspective, I will be working with the Isometric in this podcast. If you want to know more about other types, just watch the podcast :) URL: In this slideshow you can see the 3 simple steps you must follow to work with your Isometric Perspective in Inkscape. And since we must always share, I have done a small Icon Pack of Isometric Icons, which I hope you like  [ Read More ]