One more year… thank you all!

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This year has been quite interesting on a personal level. Turned out as a year to learn how to live with transitions and a year where preparation and sacrifice has got a special meaning. Usually I do a resume of what my year was, and despite being incredibly busy, I couldn’t leave the opportunity out. 2014 was a year of…


  • … learn how to live away from the family once more, but this time keeping in touch like never before.
  • … enjoy the calm of a new place to live, where I finally feel at peace.
  • … learn to love and share memories with a new family who adopted me with love.
  • … meeting new people and allow me to be part of new groups that share my hobbies.
  • … learn to be tolerant with others, despite not thinking alike.
  • … face my fears and why not, take “literally” a leap of faith (i did canyoning)
  • … learn to give priorities to my personal business, something quite difficult since I have always take my attention to the communities.


  • … receive bad news, but face them with even more courage than in the past.
  • … learn that time is gold and I should never waste another day to show those that I care how much I love them.
  • … enjoy my first year as a married woman and feel more in love than ever.
  • … see some personal projects take steps ahead that i can finally can call “real”.
  • … miss those who have gone this year, but keep them in my heart.
  • … appreciate the work that I have, more than ever.
  • … share with my models and couples those special moments of their lives that, behind my lens, now we share together.
  • … enjoy the small things, the daily ones.

What about you folks?… How was your year?

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  • 1 January, 2015 at 21:08

    La palabra para describir mi año diría que es “sorprendente” a muchos niveles. Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento y feliz travesía 2015.


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