Gimp100Podcasts 38: Crop an image with a defined aspect ratio: Darktable Vs. Gimp


Sometimes, the easiest things are ones we care the less, and those little tricks are the ones that make the difference when you need to edit quickly an image.

Today’s Podcast, will include a small explanation about what’s an aspect ratio, the most common sizes for photography, and how to use it. In this podcast it’s included how to crop an image with Darktable and GIMP, since I always say, good think about Linux is its variety.

Recently, every time we are requested to make a wallpaper for any distribution, one of the most important requirements, beyond its format, is to have 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s why, if you’re thinking on contribute to any project sending your wallpaper, this short tutorial will help you.

I hope this tutorial was useful, and if you also liked the image used, don’t forget to click the post where you can find the wasp wallpapers.

[cq_vc_videocover videoimage=”5041″ imageshape=”square” overlaytype=”icon” iconshape=”circle” iconcolor=”#ffffff” iconbgcolor=”#dd3333″ videolink=””]

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