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At Flock, another thing we discussed was the forgotten Fedora Women Program, a project designed to connect and assist women who are interested in using and contributing to Fedora. This program was announced to start in July, 2006; having as goal are often considered detrimental to the success of female FOSS developers. Since July 2006, Fedora Women has striven to raise awareness of the female community – along with the many roles women have as contributors and users – within the Fedora Project.

robyn, our fpl

After a long talk that can be read through this super long log that qubodup wrote, we arrived to several conclusions:

  • Women tend to feel more safe and confident if they have more female support when they enter into a group (either IT or any).
  • We have more women being part of Fedora than what we know
  • Harsh comments are still on the table, and this keeps scaring part of the women joining IT groups. (specially online)

Now, some great ideas were drop and we would like to use that as a start. A mail was drop to the list, but I guess a post at our planet could bring a bit of more attention.

=== Online Tasks ===

  • Mailing list moderation needed
  • Who’s new this week meeting: A friendly environment where newcomers can introduce themselves and interact in a troll-safe place.
  • Monthly girls night: Just as Fedora-Social, reusing the #fedora-women channel would be a great idea since the IRC is there and is being unused. We could not only have a social gathering, but also sharing experiences and hold online workshops.
  • Getting Tutors: So new women getting involved have a support person that can work as a link.

=== Offline Tasks ===

  • IT women events: Besides the NA events, we will have small gatherings only for women that will be hold during bigger events, until we get the quorum to host a regional women event.

We are completely open to other tasks so let us know your opinion. As soon as we get feedback, as soon we will start putting this into practice.

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