Geeks… misunderstood creatures.


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I confess that when I get up, first thing I do is move the mouse and check if there is something in my inbox, twitter or IRC that deserves a stop before going to brush my teeth. Likewise, I confess that I take my breakfast at my pc checking mails and the time is so precise, that when you finish the last bite of your sandwich while you read all those social networks I’m able to move foward and start working.

otacon-sad by inguen

otacon-sad by inguen

For me, this is the lifestyle that makes me happy, and although many do’nt understand (I hope most of those who are reading this blog do) when someone tells you *nerd* because you spend all day on the pc I do’nt call people *alcoholic* to those who spend every Friday-Saturday at a nightclub spending the whole paycheck on alcohol, I don’t say either *frustrated miss* to those girls who wake up thinking on what to wear and spend 2 hours doing the makeup in the mirror. The problem is that everyone thinks that their stereotype of life is the right one, but they don’t realize that they criticize too much to those who are different from them. Mainstream society has a problem accepting others for who/what they are and not for what we expect from them.

Why am I writing this? because sometimes when you hear comments like this every day you run out of patience, and as a good citizen, I prefer write this on my blog instead going outside and throw rocks to those who look at me differently… Friday’s conference made me laugh when they made this comment “I prefer to be told that I have no social life because they see in the pc most of the time… what they don’t see is that although I spend 300 days a year on the PC, while people are simply going to the beach on vacation, in those other 60 days of the year I travel around world… “. When I’m on my pc and when I leave her I am improving the world through my actions, my life is not measured by the amount of alcohol that I tolerate, but it’s measured by the amount of knowledge that I grant and get every day.”

I ask myself… Doesn’t people realize that world is different for geeks? But as civilized people we don’t rant their lifestyles, because we are so focused on learning, teaching, playing with new hardware and software every day and live our lives without disturbing the others, that we srsly have no time for that… so pls, take your critiques and put them inside your mouth again.

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