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Maybe it’s just me, but, I have found super interesting the fact that technology is taking us to a more P2P (literaly) where distance doesn’t matter. You already have heard that we are pushing the Fedora Video project. We want to help users to learn about tech stuff. We aim to provide some guidance on how to interact and part of our community. As well as the larger community of FOSS.

I have become a VideoConferences addict, for many reasons (and to practice my english)! Talking is easier sometimes than writing, but problem is… where are logs? The best thing we can do is record them. Most of the time we plan to let as many people as want to join us… Let me invite you to our weekly videoconferences.

Now comes reality… I don’t think we will be able to set up an specific date/time for videoconferences. People from all over the world might be interested to join. I will try to use Twitter, blog post or whatever is on my hands to keep people informed. Also, if you’re interested in having a videoconference about a specific topic, let me know. Our next videoconferences will be these:

Geeks at FOSS

Today I will meet with Selena Deckelmann and Amber Graner General talk about tech experiences, Cultural shocks on IT fields, what it is like to be a girl working in FOSS communities and what can be done… sharing our ASCII coffees :)
When: TODAY! at click in here to check your time
Where: Google Hangout
Language: English

How to be a Fedora Ambassador

General talk about how to join the Ambassadors program, steps to fullfill before open a trac tickets, how to contact and interact with your mentor and what to do once you are aproved. What will Fedora expect from you once you’re an Ambassadors and tips to be the best one.
When: Friday at click here to know your time
Where: Google Hangout
Language: English (first 30min) / Spanish (second 30min)

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  • 23 February, 2012 at 0:43

    Why aren’t you using a free software video conferencing system?

    • 23 February, 2012 at 5:30

      Because that would mean install a lot of infra. Using net resources is also an option. Sorry, but I’m not a FOSS Nazi


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