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Is really common that someone ask you about your Fedora Profile. Even if such thing doesn’t exist properly we have our Users Wiki pages that we are *supposed* to fill so people can contact us, know a bit more about what we do on fedora and any related comment we want to add (schedules, events, meetings, projects, etc).

Even if I know is a really boring thing to do, let me encourage you to take some minutes to explain why you need to do it:

If you want something, people need to know who the hell are you!

If you’re interested on request media, swags, attend to events or anything… be sure that people will ask who are you? what have you done so far? what are you doing now? and anything that they can come up with. We are not asking you to write when do you brush your hair and how many sock wear daily, but a couple of details about things you like in FOSS and project you’re in can help.

Is there a human behind that nick?

We would like to know your real name and if there is a way to contact you. Doesn’t matter if you rather a mail, twitter, fb or smoke signal… please, provide us some way to get in touch and make things happen.

Now, cool thing about wiki is that anyone can do whatever they want (but please make it readable), however I know that there is lazy people that simply doesn’t want to get involved with complicated styles (even if they like them)… so let me provide some ideas and you can choose any you like:

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