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One of the things that always make me feel happy when friends ask me “why are you part of Fedora” is that everyday you will find a great idea, a great project or an awesome team to be part of. When we change our status from “user” to “contributor”, we agree to teach what we know and try to make FOSS tools and strategies go further. So now let me tell you about our new project… Fedora Videos:

Fedora Video logo by Gnokii

What is Fedora Videos?

Our contributor Nitesh Narayan Lal came up with an idea to create a serie of videos and give our users an interface to check them on an easier way. We could say that we want to teach fedora through videos… but I’m sure that this project might have bigger goals in a short lapse.

Will be there a guidelines?

Yes, but consider it more like “recommendations”. We want to gather the best videos from the net, created by users and enthusiast, and turn them info Fedora official videos. Yes… we are thinking on give you an intro/outro and some easy tips so our job making translations and sharing can be easier. Right now we are working on this guidelines and you can actually check how it goes in here:

How can I search though so many Videos?

Yes, But we need your help! We think that use the *Join Fedora categories* might be a good start, but we need more sub-categories. Nitesh has done a great work on this… can you help us improve it a bit more? Check:

Current Tasks

In our amazing first meeting we start with some task that are currently under development. Tasks so far goes this way:

  • Create a guidelines for official videos – bckurera, tatica and Nitesh Guidelines first draft
  • Create a guidelines for submit and publish videos – bckurera, tatica and Nitesh Guidelines first draft
  • Categorize video sections by interests or teams – Nitesh Sections first draft
  • Check privacy, licenses and Ads for each service and Check on HTML5 alternatives who link you to the theora – FranciscoD: Analysis

Now, on a more personal task I’m needing people who have some experience with Video edit and intro creations. I might be able to do a Blender intro but I want to have some experienced hand to have some support and guide. Let me know if you can give us a hand :)

If I have an idea to share, a video to spread or just want to be part of this project, what should I do?

All mayor stuff will be online at our wiki, however, if you can make it to our meetings and share one hour weekly with us will be amazing. We will gather every Thursday at 1530UTC (Check your local time/date here)

Help tatica and donate with paypal!

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  • 10 February, 2012 at 21:43

    Hola tatica esta entrada en el blog me hace recordar que hace un par de meses hice un video hablando de fedora 16 y aunque no es nada del otro mundo espero que haya servido de algo. te dejo el enlace por si quieres


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