Fedora APAC: Insights and Ideas from a midnight meeting


After our Fedora Videos meeting I found really interesting how organized are Fedora APAC community members. I must be honest, beside help them with some FUDCon Pune tasks I had no clue about what was going on at APAC. So I decide to stay until midnight (LATAM) and check out this saturday APAC meeting (morning).

Following the rules

* Respecting Meetings protocol: Dear lord… was so nice to have people respecting IRC meeting protocols that I really felt on heaven. When you have a really structured meetings wiki page, that people actually reads, everything is just easier.

* Knowing zodbot: everything is easier when you know how to work with zodbot. First time I see on a meeting that all attendees are mark as chair for a meetin (even me).

* Quorum: Is really nice to see a lot of people being at meetings and participating. Quorum is always an issue at any meeting. either we talk about time/date collide or just people not beign interested. Community members should try a bit harder to attend to meetings (even if sometimes are bored), you might always know about something new or provide a good idea.

* Mistakes: If you make a mistake, get slow on sending your message, got some lag, your nick was jumping or just missunderstood something… don’t make a big deal and keep the meeting going. Everyone can make a mistake, so don’t turn it into a meeting topic.

* Local leaders show up: This might be the most interesting, as community contributor, that you can find on a meeting. When a local (or general) leader shows up and interact on the meeting means that people care. Motivation and example arethea key that we should try to take advantage of every time we can.

Fedora APAC meeting screenshot

Activities to spread Fedora

* Ton of Release Parties: Yes… perhaps only 2 so far, but they are working a lot and are already organized for this activities. This only encourage me to plan a Fedora Release Party full with Beefy Miracles :)

* Marketing Swags: When we talk about a big region this is a common issue that is always hard to work with. At LATAM we are still working on this, however, we are 21 countries (plus 9 dependencies), and even if we still have some unexplored places, we have to deal with shipping prices that most of the times, are equal to bring swags from EMEA.

* Media: I don’t know if I’m the only that receives perhaps 300% more tickets from APAC that from anywhere else. This means that Fedora media-program is beign effective in this region. Perhaps simplify how we send media, how we produce it and who can really make shipments can be a solution. For those locations where our users cannot get (or is too expensive) maybe contact a local company, school or college might be a solution. I guess is easier just to send a couple of bucks to a local person to buy a dvd pack that ship a single dvd through mail.

Sorry Shakthimaan - by Shreyank Gupta

I will keep trying to attend to each regional meeting. I think that know what’s happening all arround the world can teach us how to improove. Take a look arround, learn from your peers goals and failures, and make everyone take a step into change. “I never thought we could transform the world, but I think every day you can transform things.”- Françoise Giroud.

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  • 4 February, 2012 at 2:07

    APAC meetings are free-style. The chair is there to change topics and guide the discussion. However thanks for your point-outs will try to make the meetings compliant with the guide. However I think APAC likes the freedom on the meeting as well :)

    Thanks a lot for your ideas.

    saludos !!

    • 4 February, 2012 at 8:22

      Buddhika: Even that freedom is follow rules. When people respect each other while talking is the best way to show that rules are followed without need to be reminded every second. :)


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