FUDcon Blacksburg day2: Barcamp and FUDpub


FUDcon is always about knowledge and fun, and this is not the exception. We all arrive in time (I think for the first time) to the *late opening* and had a really interesting list of barcamp session proposals so people could vote. After that our higly recognized lord of the zombies and aliens from Fedoraland, Jared Smith, gave his talk. I must say that after saw Russell photographic gear I must say “Yes master”.

We had so many interesting topics that we all the time look people running through the hallways trying to make it in time for other talks. Is kind of amazing to see people interested in learn and teach as much as possible just making FUDcon a special moment for everyone involved.

Just before lunch I had time to make a quick walk through Virginia Tech Campus and I must say that is just amazing, not also the structures, but also the way people take care of it. People here is really nice, so now I know why everyone loves Virginia :).

Evening was full of technical sessions where people was able to learn, teach and discuss topics that often are controversial or hard to deal through social networks, I believe that this is the mayor goal at FUDcons. On my side I was able to check a bit for Kdnlive tricks, Darktable trips with the most amazing photographer I have EVER meet, Russell (because I just realize that FOSS-photographers are different) and then a quick time for my small intervention about how make users and contributors cohexistence a bit more smooth.

Then fun came… FUDpub at an amazing place with amazing food. I play a bit of bowling… however… just a couple of minutes after arrive Markdude came to me with a HUGE snow ball and well… you might now understand why I don’t have FUDpub pictures because I just run as crazy to see finally Snow after so many years. I believe in Dharma, so for me this was the mayor payback from live… be nice worth it.

I wasn’t able to sleep too much because of the excitement and must say that thx to Russell and a quick lending from him of his flash+softbox I NEED one. I think Ruth is gonna like those pics I took. I believe I haven’t sleep at all looking through my window…. actually, is 7am and I’m just waiting to finish this post and run outside to keep the fun.

Today’s plans are for me: (just in case that anyone has an idea and please, ping me out through IRC, mail, twitter or alien signs)
* Work on STRONG ideas for a FUDcon website
* Finish as much as possible all FUDcon Venezuela information.
* play with snow…… is a work plan, right?
* try to go room by room asking people what they would like on our next release design, because even if we are designers, our work must like *them*.
* Work on how to bring more girls into Fedora…
* Work on a smoothly way to make users and contributors interact, so our dev people doesn’t need to take care of everything (develop and support) using our fedora people person resources.

That’s it… time for me to leave the comfortable Fireplace and go to our last FUDcon day.

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