Here is another one, I wanted to do a selfie, but my back is hurting so much that I couldn’t find a way to lay on the stairs… :( will have to be done some other day. Good thing is that there was a lot of sun, so properties for this pic are: Camera Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS Exposure Time: 1/1500 sec. Aperture Value: 1.53 EV (f/1.8) ISO Speed Rating: 200 Focal Length: 50.0 mm Software: darktable 1.0+1049~g4bac71f

Enlace a este post en español AQUI o en la bandera a la derecha. If you have been checking my flickr lately, you probably saw a really sharp and cool picture of my eye and I know that there might be some people trying to do it without any good result. No, I’m not a photography master, but after spend 3 hours trying to get the right light I though was a good idea just to show you how to do it. This is a cool video that show you how to take a picture and I hope is instructive enough so you can do it yourself and give it a try… but please.. send me a picture! I’m a  [ Read More ]

Finally! After skiping Fedora16 (and don’t even ask why) I can do a clean instalation at Susan (my laptop, and yes… Because Susan Calvin) of the Beefy Miracle Fedora 17. This is not intent to be an instalation guide, is just what I have been doing and some issues I have been solving, among to some other tips you might find useful (or not). ========== General Overview ========== My laptop isn’t at hell anymore!!!! I must say that my legs are really happy that my laptop is completely cold now, even when I have Darktable, Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, SweetHome3D, Skype, Firefox, chromium-browser, pidgin, xchat AND I’m doing a full yum -y update (and don’t forget restoring a 300Gb backup). I  [ Read More ]

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Is really common that someone ask you about your Fedora Profile. Even if such thing doesn’t exist properly we have our Users Wiki pages that we are *supposed* to fill so people can contact us, know a bit more about what we do on fedora and any related comment we want to add (schedules, events, meetings, projects, etc). Even if I know is a really boring thing to do, let me encourage you to take some minutes to explain why you need to do it: If you want something, people need to know who the hell are you! If you’re interested on request media, swags, attend to events or anything… be sure that people will ask who are you? what  [ Read More ]