Venezuelan Petroglyphs Patterns (Inkscape)

A good way to start this year is with new and cool content, so I will leave you folks some patterns that can be used as background for websites, talks, designs and more. The SVG files come in plain colors (gray) with a simple color palette and the original design from where the pattern was made. You can add any color you like and it would make me super happy to see a screenshot of how you used it. Now, a bit of culture for those of you who doesn’t know what a Petroglyph is (and we have a LOT in my country):

Petroglyphs (also called rock engravings) are pictogram and logogram images created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, and abrading. Outside North America, scholars often use terms such as “carving”, “engraving”, or other descriptions of the technique to refer to such images. Petroglyphs are found world-wide, and are often associated with prehistoric peoples. The word comes from the Greek words petro-, theme of the word “petra” meaning “stone”, and glyphein meaning “to carve”, and was originally coined in French as pétroglyphe.
fuente: Wikipedia

To download each pattern you can access this links for each source:


And if you’re really curious, I pull out a small and simple imgur gallery with some examples. Hope you enjoy it!!! This is the gallery url:

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