My blue geek wedding

I know I have been a lot offline lately; about 2 months; but believe me when I tell you that it was for a good reason… I was getting married!

It has been an awesome journey and even if I already have been for 7 years with my husband, it still feels like the day we meet. The most awesome feeling in the world is to get married with your best friend.

Slowly I will get back online, thank you all for your kind messages and best wishes; and don’t forget to stop by through our family website, leave a message and follow the story of this new geek family that started. We will upload slowly all the pictures and videos from the wedding :)

Thank you all!


Thanks to airamia and kamihacker for the pictures :$

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  1. says

    ¡Felicidades! Normalmente sigo tu blog,pero igualmente debí estar desconectado por esas fechas.

    Es agradable que compartas tu ilusión. Hasta en tu boda no le das tregua a tu lado geek!!!

    Mucha salud para vosotros. :)

  2. juan carlos callejas says

    Felicidades, en este nuevo y maravilloso proyecto de vida, estoy seguro que estará provisto de mucha felicidad y aprendizaje.

    en horabuena.

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