Jugando con los modos de la cámara, tomé 3 fotografías en las que creo que se logran conceptos interesantes:

Arbolito de Navidad #1 Arbolito de Navidad #2 Arbolito de Navidad #3

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One Response to “3 formas de ver la navidad”

  1. nicu dice:

    I think the third (flash) is the worst: the tree is flat, the focus is on the nearby chair, which is uninteresting, and the colors are cold (blue).
    The middle one (the EXIF says is made in the “protrait” mode, you say “back light”) is a bit too dark and you can’t see many details, so the winner is the first, even if it is a bit yellow-red (white balance set as daylight instead of tungsten).

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