Set de wallpapers retro realizado con inkscape, Espero les gusten!
retro-black retro-blue retro-colors retro-green

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8 Responses to “Wallpapers Retro”

  1. fabiand dice:

    Retro time again :)

    Very nice. Gracias.

  2. Tactica! I love these, they are awesome! I am using the black/purple one now!

  3. angelblade dice:

    Recordé unas canciones de los Supersonicos y de los Memphis mientras veia los wallpapers

    Pd: Tatica , vuestro url esta en delicious ^_^

  4. nicu dice:

    While those are not exactly my style and i won’t use them on my desktop, i agree: the design is good looking and well done.

    But I am a bit confused, in your blog you say “realizado con inkscape” but on flickr “realizado con gimp”… so which application have you used after all? i guess is inkscape, you say “realizado con gimp” on flickr, but tag them as “inkscape” :D

    Have you considered a free license?

    PS: for me, those graphics scream “disco” :p

  5. jreznik dice:

    Voy a cambiar wallpaper ;-)

  6. Greg DeK dice:

    /me changes his background, puts on some Donna Summer, and does the Hustle. :)

  7. leifer dice:

    these could make nice default wallpapers for fedora 12!

  8. Israrace dice:

    ¡Me encanta el tercero! lo único, que no suelo usar wallpapers blancos porque me molestan muchísimo a la vista, tonterías mías. De todos modos el diseño es genial :)

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