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El LibreBus es un proyecto en el que se recorren varios países de la región centroamericana (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala) y se complementa con espacios de participación en Internet… Una veintena de personas pasajeras de diversas nacionalidades y distintas habilidades se unen por un tema común: la Cultura Libre y la promoción del conocimiento para todos. El LibreBus es una invitación al diálogo y al encuentro, a la creación de redes regionales para el fortalecimiento de una cultura centroamericana compartida. El año pasado, el LibreBus viajó desde el 03 hasta el 16 de mayo de 2011, intercambiando experiencias alrededor del software libre, el conocimiento y la biodiversidad, la libertad de expresión y la libertad de compartir.  [ Read More ]

Maybe you have heard, that the next LGM – Libre Graphics Meeting, will be held in Vienna from May 2nd to Saturday May 5th That is the place where all the great and amazing FOSS artists and developers of the tools they use come together. For a lot of years, I have followed this event online.There was always amazing projects, ideas on this event. I live on the other side of the world and is really hard for me to attend. Flights from South America to Europe are really expensive. My crazy… Crazy friend Sirko (gnokii) created a donations page, where people can make donations. If I have helped you once, so maybe you can help me this time. :)  [ Read More ]

One of the things that I *had* to buy at USA was a power supply since my desktop computer was always shutting down when I plug anything (I couldn’t even use my DVD :/ ) Even if this wasn’t the one I was thinking on buy, was the best option. We went to so many stores that I was really driving crazy, however, worth it. I had saves for this since last year, because if you think on buy this kind of electronics in my country is completely insane (prices are +500%). Now I can say that I have a *monster* at home where I can start to render my blender videos again and do all the crazy stuff I  [ Read More ]

I think this 4 words can resume pretty much what’s FOSS about. A couple of months ago I had a small shutdown from linux communities since *real life* was going on, and with some friends help, I tried to figure out *why* we do what we do. Talking and giving a meaning to every action we take on this online world this 4 words got to resume everything. Why?: Learn: There is NO WAY you can be on ANY FOSS community or group if you are not willing to learn. Life itself is a learning journey that will take you to unknown places where you might get amazed. Some people join FOSS communities thinking that know everything, but soon they  [ Read More ]

Those things that made FUDcon Blacksburg unique – Fun? Come and join us at :) Link Those things that made FUDcon Blacksburg unique – Fun? Come and join us at :) Link