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One of the things that always make me feel happy when friends ask me “why are you part of Fedora” is that everyday you will find a great idea, a great project or an awesome team to be part of. When we change our status from “user” to “contributor”, we agree to teach what we know and try to make FOSS tools and strategies go further. So now let me tell you about our new project… Fedora Videos: What is Fedora Videos? Our contributor Nitesh Narayan Lal came up with an idea to create a serie of videos and give our users an interface to check them on an easier way. We could say that we want to teach fedora  [ Read More ]

After our Fedora Videos meeting I found really interesting how organized are Fedora APAC community members. I must be honest, beside help them with some FUDCon Pune tasks I had no clue about what was going on at APAC. So I decide to stay until midnight (LATAM) and check out this saturday APAC meeting (morning). Following the rules * Respecting Meetings protocol: Dear lord… was so nice to have people respecting IRC meeting protocols that I really felt on heaven. When you have a really structured meetings wiki page, that people actually reads, everything is just easier. * Knowing zodbot: everything is easier when you know how to work with zodbot. First time I see on a meeting that all  [ Read More ]

Si eres de habla hispana, da click en este enlace para leer la versión en español Is really cool to see how FUDCon Margarita is taking shape. I always love to see how an idea become something real and how people envolved work as a team to acomplish each goal. Fedora is the kind of place where you want to hang out if you want to be part of something :) This week was full of tasks. We had our first meeting, which was really productive, and we delegate most of the tasks. That’s the way to work as team, however, we need to be more open and inform the rest of what we are doing, so our task don’t  [ Read More ]

El LibreBus es un proyecto en el que se recorren varios países de la región centroamericana (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala) y se complementa con espacios de participación en Internet… Una veintena de personas pasajeras de diversas nacionalidades y distintas habilidades se unen por un tema común: la Cultura Libre y la promoción del conocimiento para todos. El LibreBus es una invitación al diálogo y al encuentro, a la creación de redes regionales para el fortalecimiento de una cultura centroamericana compartida. El año pasado, el LibreBus viajó desde el 03 hasta el 16 de mayo de 2011, intercambiando experiencias alrededor del software libre, el conocimiento y la biodiversidad, la libertad de expresión y la libertad de compartir.  [ Read More ]

Maybe you have heard, that the next LGM – Libre Graphics Meeting, will be held in Vienna from May 2nd to Saturday May 5th That is the place where all the great and amazing FOSS artists and developers of the tools they use come together. For a lot of years, I have followed this event online.There was always amazing projects, ideas on this event. I live on the other side of the world and is really hard for me to attend. Flights from South America to Europe are really expensive. My crazy… Crazy friend Sirko (gnokii) created a donations page, where people can make donations. If I have helped you once, so maybe you can help me this time. :)  [ Read More ]