088/365: Vamos a jugar - Let's play

===== Español =====
Me encantan los video juegos. y porque no? Muchas veces por ser mujeres nos subestiman de que solo sabemos jugar Mario Bros. , Spyro o cualquier otra cosa que no implique habilidad o sangre… estan equivocados.

Me considero buena gamer (no perfecta, pero decente) y mis juegos favoritos son Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, Onimusha, Echo Night: Beyond y ahora de los libres, Frets On Fire.

Los que quieran jugar… creo que nos vemos en el próximo Hacklab de Fedora el 06-Febrero-2010

Gimp: Cortar y solapar con desaturación.

Un nuevo video de como jugar Frets on Fire: http://blip.tv/file/2972888

===== English =====
I love video games. and why not? As women, we are often underestimate and say that we can only play Mario Bros, Spyro or anything else that does not involve skill or blood… they are wrong.

I consider myself as a good gamer (not perfect, but decent) and my favorite games are Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, Onimusha, Echo Night: Beyond, and now free/libres, Frets On Fire.

Those who want to play… I think we will see in the next Fedora Hacklab on February-06-2010: D

Gimp: Cut and overlay with desaturation.

A new video of how I play Frets on Fire: http://blip.tv/file/2972888

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19 Responses to “088/365: Vamos a jugar – Let’s play”

  1. nicu dice:

    This is a much better video with you playing the guitar: the framing is better and at last we can view your face while playing. Still, it seems I can’t be made happy no matter what, I think you are not intense enough while playing, like you don’t “feel” the music very deeply. I want more passion.

  2. tatica dice:

    @nicubunu LOL!… Yes Sir!!!

  3. nicu dice:

    What camera have you used to record the video? The image quality is pretty good.

  4. tatica dice:

    @nicubunu the same kodak I use to take my daily photos.

  5. nicu dice:

    Form some older posts I was under the impression the video quality is not that great… probably my eyes are deceiving me, I spent today most of the day fighting with video editing programs and trying various export parameters, hoping to get snow flakes clearly visible. In the end I lost the fight…

  6. tatica dice:

    @nicubunu well, I can say now that blip.tv provides a much better service than youtube does. They upload high quality theora videos without loose anything. so might be the compression that youtube does what makes blip.tv videos look nice

  7. nicu dice:

    my problem was with the likes of kino and kdenlive, from which I wasn’t able to get good image quality, which is to bad since i learned how to do nice transitions, add subtitles, logos and more.

  8. tatica dice:

    @nicubunu try with cinelerra and avidemux; those are the ones I use. Kino is a pain converting files

  9. nicu dice:

    Cinelerra is not available is a repository compatible with rpmfusion (not on kwizart any more) and avidemux refuses to open my AVIs, I have to transcode them before, loosing image quality.

    I learned today a lot about Kino and it would be nice (all the needed features are there) if it would allow me to use any resolution for the videos, but it insist only on PAL or NTSC, so I have to downsize from 1280×720 to 720×576.

  10. ajoian dice:

    how much did you practice before this clip ?

  11. nicu dice:

    @ajoian: She said in a previous post (http://tatica.org/2009/12/11/como-instalarjugar-frets-on-fire-video/), about 2 months of practice.

  12. tatica dice:

    @nicubunu @ajoian yeah… but not playing everyday. Maybe 1 hour per day – 3 days per week

  13. nicu dice:

    I tried blip.tv, you are right, the image quality is better: http://nicubunu.blip.tv/file/2979698/ still, i believe youtube will give better exposure.

  14. tatica dice:

    @nicubunu yes, but blip.tv gives money :D

  15. nicu dice:

    Yeah, sure… I had a couple of GIMP tutorials (removed now) and in a couple of years they gathered 440 views and $0.20, so I need just a bit more before counting on those money.

  16. urKh dice:

    Si te gustan los shooters, deberíamos lanzarnos unas cuantas partidas en el Cs 1.6 hahahahaha

  17. nicu dice:

    Blip.tv just failed me big time… I started to like it for image quality and file formats, until I had to upload a video with New Year’s Eve fireworks, about 25 minutes long and weighting 1.2GB as the original MP4.
    Two uploads failed silently, then I learned from a FAQ the size limit with the Java uploader or FTP is 1GB, then I edited it and converted to .OGV (an operation taking about 5 hours) and uploaded that. Then blip.tv tried to perform a conversion to .SWF, estimated at about 7 hours, which failed (timeout) after about 3 hours, I can ask for another try only with a PRO account, so in the end the clip is available only as OGV at the huge size, with only a tiny amount of viewers able to see it. FAIL.

  18. tatica dice:

    @nicubunu well… you where trying to upload a 1gb video, that’s too much for any web-uploader : S

  19. nicu dice:

    No, it was the *Java* uploader, a small desktop application you download and run stand-alone. In the end, I managed to upload, but they failed to convert so SWF.

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